Who is Ticking the Bucket?

Well I’m so glad you asked. Perhaps I should introduce us a little better for those who don’t already know us. .

I’m Angela . Or Ange for short.

Call me late for breakfast, Hey you, or moody bitch. Take your pick really . Just don’t ever call me Angie !!!

NO, I don’t like the Rolling Stones song of the same name , nor do I need to hear you burst into chorus for me whilst raising both hands above your head and swaying or singing it into your beer as though you are live on stage with Mick Jagger, when I introduce myself .

Early 40s ….. ish . Opinionated ( not always correctly but I’ll give it to you regardless) , outgoing, outspoken and if I don’t like you, it will very quickly become obvious, as I don’t hide my resting bitch face well, nor my vocabulary of a drunken sailor.

Currently a brunette, but that could change with any given afternoon shower if I’m honest and the last natural colour my hair was is any of the 50 shades of grey.

I’m a mother of 3 according to the law makers in this country “Adult” children who like to think they have said “Adulting” nailed .

I call bullshit !!

Fiercely independent and self sufficient until you ask them to pay board or clean their bedroom. Let’s hope they feed the animals and don’t burn the house down while we are gone!!!

Grandparent’s on patrol is our backup plan .

Im creative and like to get my hands dirty making anything except a meal. I can cook, I just don’t like to and I don’t pretend to. Not my forte!!! Hubby however excels in that department. Which is why I’m not a size 6 swimwear model obviously!!!

I’m the talker of the two of us. Bubbly, first to approach everyone and say hi.

I’ll be the one ready for Caravan Park happy hour drinks with new friendly faces .

It’s not that hubby is shy, unsocial or unfriendly . He’s just more the thinker . The sponge . While I spew forth with the unfiltered and unedited verbal excitement of someone new to talk to , hubby is more measured and doesn’t just talk for talking sake.

While I”m an open book .

He is harder to pick than a broken nose sometimes and that’s not always a bad thing.

Which brings me to the high achiever of this marriage.

Enough about me , it’s time I introduced him .


Sarcastic, Class clown, and whether he realises it yet or not

Main driver and caravan concierge !!!!

Heading towards the big 50 !!

It’s few years yet but quicker than I am thankfully !!!

Bald – because chicks dig bald men….. I’m guessing until he try’s to shave it in a 13ft caravan . Then maybe not so popular .

Talk about batting above your average. …. I am . I know it… I scored the jackpot when we met 4 years ago. Luckiest girl in the world right here!!!!

But let’s not tell him that. Keep him on his toes!!!!

Quicker than you could blink I locked him down 2 years ago and became his wife on Whitehaven beach in the Whitsundays before he had time to realise and escape.

Although, as he keeps reminding me , there are lots of places to hide a body in this big country of ours !!!

In all seriousness. We make a great team .

He’s patient . I’m not

He’s calm and goes with the flow . I’m a stress head and list writing planner .

I’m always on time. If I rush him he slows down to a snails pace just to give me the shits even more.

He’s a big kid and I act like a child if I don’t get my own way…… same same but different .

He loves trains , road trips, Boston Red socks Baseball, adventure , bush walking, photography, waterfalls and natures beauty and all things nerdy.

I’m more your comfy slippers, 8 hours sleep , antique op shopping, reality tv watching, NRL Sydney Roosters Cheering, and drinking the cocktail list from a bar menu on a tropical island kind of girl.

But look at us go!!! Caravanning the country no less . Without crash helmets .

Somehow we work together perfectly. Especially when shit hits the fan!!!! Or anywhere else for that matter

In life….. In business….. In tackling new adventures outside our comfort zone. we want to make every moment count together not look back and say …. “I wish we had “.

You can always make more money

You can’t make more time once it’s gone.